Intrastat Reporting localization for Lithuania

Lithuanian localization for Intrastat Reporting in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Localization extension allows creating Intrastat Report according to Lithuanian Republic requirements.


Transportation costs for goods purchase operations

  • Possibility to include transportation costs in the invoiced and statistical amount.
  • Possibility to include transportation costs only in the statistical amount transportation cost for goods sales operations.
  • Possibility to include transportation costs in the invoiced amount and not include in the statistical amount.
  • Possibility to use additional units of measurement (there is a requirement for some of the tariff numbers).
  • Intrastat import to customs of the Republic of Lithuania (XML format file).


  • Possibility to assign default operation type and transport method to vendor/customer card.
  • Possibility to setup which fields should be mandatory for Intrastat transactions. This helps to have all the necessary data for Intrastat reports.
  • Possibility to assign Intrastat information in purchase/sales document: Tarif no., Net Weight or Country/Region of origin.
  • Possibility to exclude the item from Intrastat.

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Supported editions:
This extension supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries:

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